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Two Dried Leaves


I offer couples/relationship therapy for a wide range of relationship issues

  • Can’t stop fighting?

  • Not feeling close anymore? 

  • Personal Differences becoming a source of tension? 

  • Thinking about a deeper commitment? 

  • Want to improve communication? 

You are with each other for a reason. Perhaps that reason felt clearer at the beginning. Now, what was once a fluid and easy connection has dissolved into fighting, blaming, emotional disconnection, or indifference. The raw distress you experience from a relationship that feels “broken” is incredible, almost unquantifiable. 

We were encouraged to seek relationships from an early age. We saw it all around us - people pairing up, marrying, moving in together, and starting families.

Here is what we were never taught: Relationships are a gateway to our earliest childhood longings and wounds. When we develop intimacy with another, every scar is opened. Nobody told us how to work with the emotional turbulence that emerges when we love another human being. Nobody told us that a relationship, like a home, needs everyday maintenance. We often come to believe that relationships simply end in irresolvable fights and emotional isolation.

I believe that relationships - because they carry such immense power to hurt and harm - also carry immense power to heal. 

Therapy with me helps you find ways to more effectively communicate with one another, identify shared goals and meaning, and find strategies to maintain your bond. With your full commitment to honesty and self-reflection, you will develop more compassion and respect for one another and openness for both your individual and shared issues. I will help you learn how to resolve fights in a way that moves the relationship forward, not backward.

I strive to help you make your relationship a safe place again.

My style is directive and structured, intuitive and warm. I received my training in couples/relationship therapy at the San Francisco Marriage and Couples Center, where my supervision and training focused on Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, a contemporary, empirically validated approach to couples therapy developed by Sue Johnson, and the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, which emphasizes the role of development in relationships.

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